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Qualia Noir Pictures

Posted by Brent CJ Hackett on

Qualia Noir Pictures
Qualia Noir Pictures is the idea of going from obscurity to spotlight, taking the struggle and making art, bringing the disenfranchised to the forefront. In 2014 Marley Edwards ('Unknown Artist' a writer, actor and musician), Eiaw Dawkins (a writer, film enthusiast and technical producer) and Marc Samuels (a writer, visual artist and director) came togther pooling their talent and resources to launch a creative platform with a simple mission; to broadcast the people you know and the stories we need. Together they created Qualia Noir Pictures, a production company for a diverse group of artists throughout Toronto, Canada. After directing two short films and a slew of music videos and corporate projects they set their sites on becoming a hub or a launchpad for marginalized creatives including thier first official partner, Brent CJ Hackett from WIZEUP Apparel. Qualia Noir Pictures has linked its video production credits a large variety of creatives over the years including Maizy's all-female hip hop series "6 in the 6ix Cypher", Shashi Dissanayake's holistic garden-themed "Mai Muun" and their own web series "FanCast it!"
Qualia Noir Pictures has been developing and growing its brand steadily growing towards its ultimate goal of producing Television, Film and Web Series that represent the people, places and ideas in Toronto that have a story to tell.


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